Client:                                  Edmund Rice Education Australia

Project:                                St Joseph’s Nudgee College Sports Fields

Duration:                            April 2020 - Current

Project Value:                    $6,185,000

Project Details:                  This Sporting Fields development covering 10 Ha, is planned to comprise a redeveloped shared sports fields area that can be configured as: three (3) Senior Cricket Ovals and three (3) Junior Cricket Ovals or ten (10) Senior Rugby/Football fields (with 2 (two) of the senior fields able to be configured as four (4) Junior Football fields). The redevelopment includes earthworks for future sports fields development. Earthworks will be completed to reshape the existing surface to form a precisely graded finished surface for the sport fields (0.5%), sand carpet construction and includes underground drainage consisting of closely spaced slit drains and lateral drains, as well as irrigation and turfing. Works also include rainwater harvesting with the construction of an unlined earth storage dam. Two existing dams are to be filled to allow for redevelopment of these areas. A new pump house will be constructed housing the required pumping and water treatment equipment required to service the fields. Cricket wickets will include turf and synthetic wickets along with twenty synthetic wickets for the practice area.

St Joseph’s Nudgee College Sports Fields
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